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Media Tracking of India (MTI) is India's prominent Media monitoring service, which includes Print, Television, Online and Social media. Our media intelligence services endeavor to provide you with the best and versatile monitoring services. We bring the latest and relevant news as per your tracking brief, on your fingertips on time.

We track information about coverage of your Press Releases, New Business Opportunities, Industry, Current Trends, Current Affairs, Market Environment, Merger & Acquisitions, Govt. Policies, Tenders, Financial, News, Advertisements etc. and anything else related to your concern, as it happens from more than thousands of news sources.

We at MTI provide comprehensive reputation management services to you by monitoring your image across the extensive sources of media. We value your time and the reputation of your company. MTI offers 24/7 round-the-clock tracking and monitoring of the news feed across all media. These responsible tasks are handled by qualified media experts using cutting edge technology.

What makes us the highly preferred media tracking solution?

  • Our prime focus is on Reputation Management of our Clients by monitoring their image across all media inceptions.
  • Our Media Tracking Service is cost-effective, flexible and also can be tailored as per the client’s requirements and specifications.
  • We keep tracks of your company, competitors and image value across its selfdom industry and extramural sectors. This helps you to understand your clients better and deliver with adeptness.
  • Tracking is done by highly qualified and efficient media experts with the use of cutting edge technology like the “i-Hyperspider”.
  • Apart from offering quality service to our clients, we are known for delivering value added service for each and every project we accept. It supreme objective is and always will be quality and satisfied deliverance.

We are proud about our strengths

Despite the huge range of channels, technologies and markets we help to evaluate your reputation from the customer's perspective in a fast, accurate and reliable manner, Media Tracking of India possess deep knowledge, technical skills and experienced resources that are passionate in what they do.

We are purely based on the your requirements. This integrated, trustworthy and one stop solution for all kinds of media tracking needs understands the changing demands and accomplishes them.

We believe in greater customer satisfaction and a perfect end-term result. With an insight and long term association, we can serve you to attain greater visibility and manifestation in the world of media coverage for increase in networking, high success rate and amplified profit.

What we do is what we are highly proficient in

We pride our Competence to keep track across all forums from corporate sector, election campaigns, educational institutes, political events to even a small social gathering within your budget.

Advisement tracking enables us as recommended services for Advertising and Research Professionals. Hire our services to improve their ability to access, understand and usage of media coverage as a key component for your business development strategy. Media tracking of India holds a proficient advertisement tracking tools that offers you various details on commercials like frequency, rate of schedule and type of medium/language it appeared.

The vital and supreme blend of knowledge and awareness is offered by our News agency. We play a dynamic role in distributing accurate news about any region, situation or aspects in Mumbai. We are specialized in delivering niche and first hand news.

Video shooting and photography service believes in clear narration and a reliable message that communicates to the audience the right way. Be it a Political Event, a Public Gathering or a Fashion Event, we deliver proficient and creative video/photography services.

Television tracking handles the broadcast and media coverage of over hundreds of channels in multi languages. We also offer you the video clipping requested in a customized format.

Various clippings of print media like newspapers, journals, magazines etc. can be accessed easily in on time through our Print media tracking services.

Online and Social Media Monitoring is one of the vital stride while integrating a firms marketing roadmap with the social media strategy. It helps to monitor the trends in the company and respond effectively with the decisions.

The local language is a means for better business. Be it a website translation, literature, medical, marketing, business or a sheet of press release, our erudite team of native translators handle the Translation service efficiently.

Media analysis and competitor insights serve you with a detailed report on various insights of your business and social media.

Our six step efficient strategy reflects our work methodologies

Step1: Most probably we will have the content you need in our prodigious database, if not we gather content like content clips, news, media and other required information from various sources..

Step2: We create stamps for the respective information gathered from Television Broadcast, Media Monitoring or Print media.

Step3: Stamps database is all about storing the content.

Step4: Selection of stamps from the database.

Step5: Analyzing the stamps and performing enhancement if required.

Step6: Delivering to the client in the format requested.


To create valuable insights and analysis that lead to better products, more business and happier customers. MTI also aims to provide accurate and quality information in the versatile forms at the doorstep for various media tracking requirements.

Our Services

TV Monitoring, Print Media Tracking, Social Media Monitoring, Advertisement Tracking, Tender Tracking, Translational.

News Agency

Interactives, Use of multimedia, Finance and Business, Elections, Entertainment, Travel, Lifestyle, Sports and more...

Video Shoot & Photography

At Media tracking of India (MTI) along with reputation management, we provide video shooting and photography services



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Our USP ‘i-hyperspider’

‘i-hyperspider’ not only searches for keywords extracted from a sentence, but it also follows the data strings using its hyper threading protocol. It intelligently searches for information by following multilevel links. This allows it to track information that is not only specific but also relative. Then our team of media experts finally put the information together in a sequence and remove irrelevant data and provide a crisp information report.

The result is clean and valuable data that can be used for business intelligence decision making. The information is extremely useful for tracking all information floating in web relating to a company or a brand or a person, including his competitors. This software engine also tracks the related and relevant industry trends.