Tender Tracking

Tender Tracking:

Won’t it be easy to learn about various tenders at a single go rather than searching in the print media or browsing online for various opportunities? Irrespective of what news you are in need of, Media tracking of India keeps a track of various types of news related to tenders. Consequently, we celebrate the expansion and success of your firm. Be it a tender by industry, type, client, state , region or sector. MTI offers you a expedient list to enrich your industry.

Benefits of the users:

1. Users can visualize the status on each tendering process by the comprehensive progress report provided by us.
2. Cost effective and time saver strategy.
3. An opportunity to access our tender base anywhere and at any time.
4. An exclusive and prodigious client base from numerous sectors increases the prospects. 
5. We help you to connect with other organizations for greater businesses.

We do background work

Firstly we understand the products the client wishes to engage. Our Team of tender tracking experts studies the keywords or products carefully and absorbs the client's business profile before they engage in tender tracking.

Tracking the best opportunities

Due to our proficient strategies, we provide a list of best business opportunities at the right time. This in turn help's our clients in capitalizing on the same and not missing out on any good business opportunities. We also do a thorough study of the capabilities, geographical reach, timelines etc. of our clients so as to reduce the number of irrelevant tender leads that we come across.

We believe in expert opinions

Our services are not limited to providing information. We also inculcate our personal experience and provide expert opinions on tenders. We can also provide support to our clients in building a strong sales process by determining a good contact point and directing the sales through the same. Users can visualize the status on each tendering process by the comprehensive reports. This reduces your valuable time spent on tender status tracking.

Winning means to us not bidding

For us bidding for the tender is not sufficient, it is the winning that we focus on. We ensure that we provide you information on all business opportunities so that you can focus your complete attention on winning the tenders. Our tender tracking tools are an extra advantage that enables first hand tender opportunities to our clients. If our clients invest in our services it is our duty to provide them the best of their money's worth.

A day to day tracking of tenders from various portals, newspapers and other sources is performed to enhance the business opportunity from various sectors like:

  • Private Sector
  • Government Sector
  • Semi-Government
  • Corporation
  • Co-operative sector
  • Consultancy, finance and securities sector
  • Power, electrical and energy sector
  • Advertising and marketing sector
  • Medical and healthcase sectors and many more.

"Our growth comes from your business and your satisfaction" 

We take pride in always taking the extra mile to help our clients grow. Media tracking India owns a comprehensive and wide database of tenders. The entrepreneurial ability of MTI values executing and accessing an opportunity.