Print Media Tracking Services

Print Media Tracking Services

MTI’s print media tracking services provides the News-Clippings from hundreds of Daily Newspapers, Periodicals, Magazines and Regional newspapers across India. Our customized, keyword-specific tracking of news is designed to provide valuable, accurate and specified categorical information to our clients.


“We pull back the hassle from media tracking. Irrespective of when, how and where you need, we offer at your control” 

MTI have a high quality print media tracking service to ably assist your decision making process. Our Media monitoring services can provide you with an updated editorial content and the gamut of news. Media tracking of India is one erudite hub from the jargon of media monitoring agencies in Mumbai.

“When you have the right updated information at your fingertips, it simply enables you to have an in-depth knowledge of exactly who is doing what.” 

MTI is a compelling choice for print media monitoring services:

  • We at MTI have a complete line-up of diverse types of print media that we cover for tracking, thus ensuring comprehensive coverage clippings ranging from Newspapers, Newsletters, Periodicals, Magazines etc.
  • We also provide you with the easiest and highly tractable way of accessing your reports.
  • Articles and Advertisement news are offered in both Hard and soft copies as per your specification. For hard copies format the original clippings will be inured and pasted on A4 sheet with various details of the publication, edition, date, page no. etc. Soft copy can be sent to your email or smart phone of your choice.
  • Customized tracking services are also offered based on states, cities or localities.
  • The experience the expertise resources Media tracking of India possess offers unmatched services.
  • MTI ensures to provide your money’s worth not only by ensuring customer satisfaction but to offer all the information that requires their attention in a timely manner.
  • Customized search helps you search by bloggers or journalists that you are looking for.
  • We select the key words that you want us to monitor. Keywords Specific searches enhance the traffic on your websites.

How our ambit of print media tracking services work makes us different.

  • We collect daily information across the widespread media available.
  • Our force will search for relevant media mentions within the last 24 hours.
  • Our search is completely topical and relevant.
  • Weekly update via email of data tracked and collected will be available.
  • All articles are delivered in pdf or word format according to client’s requirement.
  • We provide an exceptionally satisfying print media monitoring and tracking service which enables your business to gain information about a large range of statistics, details, photographs and news articles. These could be content, analysis, size, publication, and a whole lot more.

With an ever increasing number of publications emerging in the news market today, it could become a very difficult task to keep track on every single piece of info that hits the news stand. With us, it is a different ball game, because we are singularly driven to information gathering and have a dedicated taskforce who do this with aplomb. With our print media news tracking service you can expect to stay well ahead of competition and lead your firm forward.