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MTI Video Shooting And Photography Services

Media tacking of India recognizes how vital it is for a firm to deliver a message that is understood immediately. Clear narration with a message that communicates to your viewer’s heart is for sure shared and talked about. A perfect photograph or a perfect video conveys the core information quickly, clearly and in an enjoyable fashion


“We are not just creative to leave a mark on your customers mind, we are professional too” 

Our passion lies here:

At Media tracking of India (MTI) along with reputation management, we also provide video shooting and photography services. Our creative team of videographers and photographers excel in shooting media events for various publications and news channels carrying their high class equipment’s with proficiency. We provide you the format of your choice. Be it, DV, NTSC, HD (High definition) or 3D. Even the video editing strategies we implement exceed our client’s expectations.

The Spectrum of activities we offer includes Photography and Videography for

  • Seminars and high profile meetings.
  • Red carpet events to New Product Launches.
  • Press Conferences
  • Video shoot for interviews.
  • Product Shoot that delivers the right message.
  • Food shoots enticing your taste buds.
  • Exhibitions ranging from customized, fashion to industrial.
  • Cultural events.
  • The diverse TV Shows.
  • Sports photography and filming.
  • Portfolios photography.
  • Training videos for workplaces.
  • Corporate video films to advertise your firm’s philosophy.
  • Fashion shows etc.

Bringing your business to life We make sure that each service/package is different and tailored cut according our client needs. Here at MTI we specialize in fabricating eye-catching and reliant video presentations. The social media campaigns we offer, aims to trap the maximum profits by these campaigns. We are a team of Professional Photographers, Videographers, Cameramen, Directors, Editors, and Strategists, from the industry, like News Channels, Newspapers, Films, TV, Fashion, and event photographers.

Our USP - We take TV / News channel like interviews of the key management of the company to promote their Brand, products or services, to be aired on various news channels and online channels.

Our corporate videos are sure to go viral on YouTube, face book and other video streaming sites. Having the latest and state of art photographic and video graphic necessary equipment / tools, we are able to deliver excellence on time. Keeping quality in mind, we work according to our client’s budget and yes at unbelievable price.

Our quality has no competition

The quality of the services includes audio production, superior DVD, standard frames per second films, high-end equipment’s usage and state of art technology. We believe in making quality affordable with add-ons like;

  • Being professional at work.
  • Venerate work ethics.
  • We adhere to our clients privacy rules.
  • We believe every rupee you spend is valuable.
  • We make sure your privacy is protected.
  • Maintenance of high client confidentiality.
  • Enhancing your product based quality.
  • Seed to response.
  • Follow up support.
  • Fully equipped workstations.
  • We offer out of box ideas.
  • Meeting the changing demands or requirements.

We are meant to be special

The video shooting and photography services offer instant resized photographs with a customized caption in just few moments after the end of an events, press conferences, celebrations, etc. This advantage helps you to use the photographs instantly in the press releases and publications meeting the deadlines and time management.

Reach us to meet our amazing and expertise team of creative heads who can showcase you, your customers and your employees in a smarter way.