Why do you need the best media monitoring software?

You need it because it provides up-to-date feeds of content to the users. When you get activity notifications at every stage, it becomes easy to formulate a strategy for it. The software covers the list of media channels chosen by you.

When you hire seasoned media monitoring service companies, they make use of good software to facilitate their work.

The PR department can use the tools to follow media channels that are relevant and result-oriented for your business.

You can track every single mention about you in the selected media channels in social media, articles, blogs, and news clipping service and news organizations.

When can a product be included in the Media Monitoring Category?

  • When the product tracks several online media channels
  • The product provides alerts and updates based on particular feeds to users
  • The product allows users to target topics and mentions specific to it. Also, it uses customized feeds to their liking.
  • It analyzes the number and frequency of particular posts and its impact on the brand or service using the reporting features.

Things that make media monitoring software the best

Well, customer satisfaction is obviously the first and foremost criteria. Read the user reviews to understand what people think about it.

Scale it based on criteria such as vendor size, market share and social impact of the same. It is easy to rate the software based on the collective rating.

1. If the software has substantial users and market share, it offers global support and has enough service resources; then we can call it a market leader.

2. Typically, the software is called high performer when it has been rated high by the users, but it has not achieved market share.

3. When the software has earned impressive market share and resources, but it has got ‘average’ or ‘below average’ from users, it will be called contender. Sometimes, there are not enough reviews or ratings to evaluate its capabilities. Such software will also come under ‘Contender’ category.

4. If the broadcast media monitoring software is relatively new, and it doesn’t have sufficient users; then it is Niche software. You can take a chance on it.

Let the brand exposure of yours get monitored by press clipping service

Press clipping service is extremely helpful to monitor the media coverage and exposure of your brand, product or website. What people feel about it and what is the opinion of your competitors about you are two important factors that you must know.

From web pages to forums and magazines to newspapers; you have a wide spectrum of mediums available. Hence, the task of monitoring becomes further complex.

When you hire press clipping services for monitoring, they can offer a detailed, thorough analysis of the same. They are quite a time savers. You can concentrate on the core business while media monitoring agency takes care of it.

Use any of the good quality clipping service available in the market

You can check the market for several choices of press clipping monitoring. When you are searching for trade publications or special reports, archived articles or TV and radio transcripts; everything is possible. The services are quite affordable, and you have the choice of choosing different price levels.

Media monitoring services can provide access to various national and international new sources such as magazines, transcripts, newspapers or newsletters. The level of research and analysis depends on your package.

Always choose a service which is popularly used by several users. The more popular the service is, the higher is the reliability level. Price structure varies from package to package. Hence, you can’t generalize.

Reports are available there for better analysis

When you hire a professional service, you get a wide variety of reports to understand the depth and width of the media coverage. How the brands, web pages, trademarks or names are being used. Whenever your service or brand or product appears on the Internet, it is possible to search through millions of web pages.

Apart from the readymade reports, users can define customized reports using the online module. These reports are quite useful for the users. They can alter the strategy based on the information provided.

Since the analytics are based on the data available on the Internet, they are highly accurate and relevant. This crisp, up-to-date piece of information determines the marketing strategy of the company.

When you use a service provider, make sure it carries a wide experience in the field. Do not decide based on the cost only. Knowledge of market research is more important than the price tag. Versatility is also a pivotal factor. You must spend sufficient time in research and analysis.

A right media tracking agency can shape up business strategy well

As the competition becomes fierce, entrepreneurs need smart tools to get the control over broadcast media. Effective media monitoring services make it possible today. Hire an agency that does analysis and research for you.

Choose agency that meets your budget and needs

When you search for an agency that creates customized media analytic solutions, prefer one that fulfills your interests up to the maximum extent. It should offer analytics program that uses an automated system. There has to be the right combination of advanced technology and human analysis. You deserve the most accurate and perfect insights.

Normally, agencies offer proprietary systems that support industry standards defined by standardization authorities. There is no fixed or rigid set of metrics, but they make a flexible module to meet the needs of their clients.

When you choose a company that brings fully integrated analytics tools for assessing competitive intelligence, Press Release, marketing research and public affairs, you get the pulse of the market correctly and accurately.

It is an ongoing, collaborative process

Media monitoring is not a one-time attempt, but an ongoing process that offers the basis for measuring the effectiveness against defined business goals. When you outsource the task to experts, they work with your team and define a program that meets the business objectives.

Hiring a proficient print media monitoring company is important when you want the right assessment of the business. Though you need to spend considerable money for monitoring the media, it is really worth to do so.

What are the benefits of hiring a proficient print monitoring company?

Comprehensive coverage: You get analytics by tracking thousands of print news services worldwide

High accuracy: The ratio of missing clip is nearly zero and there are very few irrelevant clips. Advanced tools make it greatly accurate.

Timely analysis: You get the analytics in near real-time. Even if you don’t get it in real-time, most press clipping services deliver clips in the next morning by Email. You can see the older clips in the archives. The task of reviewing, managing and sorting clips is made simple by automated tools.

Customized, cost-effective services:Media tracking companies offer the best value for money. There are no hidden charges, no long-term contracts with hefty charges and no per-clip fee.

Commercial media monitoring services tell about what people think about you and what all is being talked about you. It helps in altering the business strategy accordingly.

Social media monitoring is essential to calculate cost effectiveness

Social Media monitoring services are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Experts say that it is an integral part of brand and business strategy. Since more and more people are accessing social media networks on a regular basis, it gives a great thrust to your business when your business is visible there. To assess the level of penetration and effectiveness, you must hire good media monitoring companies in india.

They use good monitoring tools to find out how are you doing on the social media platform. Other than the time-tested techniques of Instagram analytics and Hashtag tracking, there are several social media monitoring tools for a wide spectrum of uses; we have several new-age techniques that are being used nowadays.

Hire experts for better results

When you hire media monitoring services, they use comprehensive social media monitoring and analytics tools that help you in achieving good results. Remember, it is a specialized skill that requires specialization. Hence, do not rely on in-house techniques or so-called DYI (Do It Yourself) stuff. You need to be a media monitoring expert to be on top of it.

Expert agencies are social media mastermind,and they can assess the online social impact well. While looking at what people are talking about your business, brand or service, they check the posts that are being guzzled up and tossing here and there in the virtual world. These agencies use several online tools to help you in getting the bird’s eye view and detailed analysis reports so that you can see the result of your investments.

What do you get by media monitoring?

When you spend big money on hiring media monitoring agency, the obvious question comes to your mind, ‘what will you get out of it?’

First of all, you can enhance the marketing efforts by understanding the effectiveness. You know what efforts are working for you and what haven’t been much effective so far. Amongst the boatload of monitoring tools, your agency uses the best ones.

You develop a deep understanding of what your audience wants from you. What do they like and what they don’t? Thus, you have immense opportunities of improving the marketing efforts by tweaking the strategy here and there. Tap into the audience’s thought to make it greatly effective.

When entrepreneurs know the reaction of their audience about the latest campaign, they can quickly correct it to bridge the gaps. Thus, they can target the right audience rightly.

Media monitoring is one of the critical processes in digital marketing, know the ins and outs of it

Hiring the best media monitoring company is the dream of everybody who wants to make an impressive presence in the virtual world. Yes, it is highly important to know what others are talking about you. Hence, you must know how to hire the right service provider.

What are the features you should look for?

1. A system that is easy to use and flexible.

2. Top-class accuracy once and always.

3. A scalable system that can accommodate your growing business.

4. Round-the-clock support.

5. Dedicated customer care.

6. Easy to pay a licensing fee and affordable charges.

7. Customizable in-house platform.

Outcome of hiring n agency

Well, each case is different so are the results. However, here are some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators):

  • At least 20 percent reduction in the operating expenses.
  • Revenue enhancement by taking over work that is not customer facing.
  • 100% accuracy.
  • Customer retention by delivering services in time.
  • Significant improvement in the TAT.
  • Automation and auto-scaling to meet high volumes of production.
  • Customized reporting.

Three distinct benefits of media monitoring

When you spend a lump sum budget for media monitoring, it is quite natural that you want to know what benefits you will be getting from it. Here are three distinct advantages that make the expense worth.

press clipping services

• You have a centralized depositary of all the media mentions about your organization, service or brand. Keep the finger on the pulse to find out what is being talked about you? You can track the information across all possible types of media such as blogs, news, websites, magazines, electronic media, publications and other print media and radio. Isn’t it a comprehensive monitoring system?

Reveal the incomparable power of social media monitoring tools

Don’t you expect a phenomenal success when huge money is poured in marketing activities? Definitely yes. Running a business is tough today, and it becomes further tough with each day passed. As an entrepreneur, you have high pressures of performance. When top and bottom lines are stretched, you need the maximum return on investment.

When you spend quite a sizeable amount for marketing the product, it becomes mandatory to keep a close eye on the output. It is possible today with the help of new age media monitoring methods. Whether it is broadcast media monitoring or socialmedia monitoring, you have smart and convenient methods to measure the performance. Nowadays, people outsource the activity to expert service providers so that their on-roll staff is saved from the additional burden of media monitoring.

Why do you need media monitoring at all?

Can you imagine a situation where you invest money in a venture that doesn’t give any guarantee about profitability? You don’t know whether it will return some money or not. Would you invest in such scenario? Definitely not! You don’t want to play blind games where there is no guarantee of returns.

Then, how can you invest in digital or social media broadcasting when there is no way of measuring the performance? It is the reason; you need effective media monitoring techniques.

Social media is changing the buying behaviors; you should tap the benefit of it

Amongst new-age marketing techniques, social media marketing is the most powerful. Experts say that it is rapidly changing the buying behavioral patterns worldwide. People rely on products, services or brands based on opinions and comments posted by users online. They read product feedback and reviews to decide whether to go with it or not.

In such scenario, don’t you think it is critically important to know what others are talking about your products or service in the social media world? It is indeed important because the positive or negative opinion will affect the buying decision of several potential customers.

In india media monitor services are gaining momentum rapidly as more companies are getting launched in the virtual marketplace. Social media intelligence gives insights about sentiments that can provoke or revoke people.

Companies hire media monitoring consultants to assess the impact of marketing on social media. With specialized scientific tools, experts come out with the exact assessment that tells about the strong and ‘not so strong’ areas so that you can work on specific things instead of putting haphazard efforts.

Use efficient media monitoring company get the right pulse of social media

When it comes to leveraging the benefit of social media to communicate with consumers about your brand or service, it is equally important to know what people think about you. The impact of perception is immense in social media. Therefore, media monitoring is critical. You must hire media monitoring services to do it in a structured and better way.

Though you have several ‘DYI’ or ‘FOC’ tools prevailing in the market, it is better avoiding them because of their inefficiency and unreliability. You should hire a valid agency to monitor social media.

Media monitoring companies offer new techniques to get the buzz. They provide several dashboards and reports and active analytics to meet monitoring and measurement requirements of their clients. Like print media monitoring, we have a plethora of social media monitoring tools that are accurate and effective.

Hire a service provider that meets all your requirements

As a business owner, you want to know what people are talking about your product and services. Since it is not possible for you to monitor the same in-house, the best way is to hire a service provider. You need to mention requirement specs in detail and set expectations rightly before assigning the task. Since the digital media has emerged as one of the important influencing factors on products and services, you need to get the right pulse of it.

When you hire a thorough, cost-effective and practical media monitoring service, it becomes pretty easy for you to capture vital viewpoints and information. You know what people say about your brand and products. It helps in making timely decisions to correct the product or service to meet the expectations.

Media monitoring benefits

When you spend sizeable money on media monitoring, you would like to know the benefits of it. According to the digital marketing experts, hiring an expert company is always a good decision. Since they are seasoned and expert in the niche, you get the best return on investment.

  • Comprehensive media monitoring develops deep market intelligence, and you get early warnings about the issues or problems.
  • Since the monitoring is automated, you get automated reports. It is possible to look into the reports anywhere and anytime because they are available on the net.
  • Media monitoring companies strive hard for customer delight. Hence, you get unmatched customer service at low costs.
  • A seasoned company makes sure that you get the service which is better than competitors. It doesn’t want to lose business in the fiercely competitive market.

Don’t just showcase your business on social media, monitor it well for good results

Have you noticed what the default action of people is whenever they are free? Yes, you guessed right. They start scanning their Smartphone. Social media has become the lifeline nowadays, and it is impossible to avoid it. Contrary to the old belief, social media is not just a platform to interact with your dean ones. Rather, it has become a smart and effective business tool. Today, every company has a profile page on different social networking sites. It is maintained, circulated and monitored purely for business prospects. Social media monitoring becomes so much important that people hire expert Media Monitoring Agency to understand the impact and effectiveness of it.

Everyone is talking about you, get the pulse of it

It is not sufficient to launch your business, brand or service in the social media. You should remember that as soon as it is visible to all, people talk about it. They form an opinion, criticize or appreciate, exchange ideas and opinions about you. It is important to find out who is doing that? Join them actively or passively. Don’t miss a single conversation. It is the secret of success.

It is needless to say that it isn’t possible to monitor every opinion manually. You need efficient, automated tools. It is a specialized area where only expert Media monitoring companies in Mumbai can only help. You need to find out one so that it is possible to know the public opinion.

Hurry up, each day you lose the opportunity

It is critically important that you hire a right agency at the right time. As soon as you showcase the business on social media, people start reacting. Remember, there are software experts, competitors, customers, suppliers who talk about you. Hence, their opinion matters. You need to connect with influencers who have the potential of making or breaking your image. It is the reason; you need experts. When you are presented with structured reports and consolidated dashboard, you have meaningful and actionable information and not merely data.

When you know who all are talking about you and what, it is quite easy to brig improvement. The media monitoring services hired by you make it possible to utilize social media for organizational improvement. Of course, the services are chargeable, but the tangible and intangible benefits achieved make it profitable at the end of the day. Leverage the potential of social media by rightly monitoring it.

Is your social media monitoring analytics valid?

Companies appoint media monitoring companies in India to assess the impact of different aspects of media (including the social media). However, it is important to assess the accuracy and authenticity of the research before implementing the recommendations. Certainly a genuine Media Monitoring Agency performs its duty honestly and sincerely, the client has to be extra cautions about it.

Connecting the dots between important phases of media monitoring analysis, e.g. listening, asking questions and tracking the behavior of people is an important task. You need insight experts to do it. He should rely on loads of posts published on the social media to assess the actual feeling about the brand. According to the experts, three things are important to determine the validity of it.

Elimination of noise

In sound engineering, noise elimination means making the sound smooth and clear by removing the disturbances. The same is applicable in the social media monitoring as well. Those who are familiar with the technical jargon of media monitoring knows the term “harvest query”. It is the process of collecting posts from social media. You may have a single keyword or a complex logic. However, the main problem is to eliminate irrelevant synonyms and homonyms. If we don’t do it, then the results are not accurate. It is the reason; Media monitoring companies in Mumbai apply special techniques to do it effectively.

Accuracy of sentiments

Statistics says that the sentiment accuracy of 60 percent is acceptable in Media monitoring India. The efforts are made to take it as high as 80 percent, though. There are several ways of achieving it, including manual methods. However, use of humans is not recommended as it is slow and tedious. Use of machines makes the process pretty fast.

Accuracy of semantics

Seasoned media analysis experts underline the importance of semantic analysis. When the job is assigned to Media monitoring agencies in Mumbai, their first and foremost objective is to set the product category of interest and then analyze the topics of online conversation around it. Precision and recall metrics is used to accurately measure it.

It is not sufficient to use social media for digital marketing and other purposes. Correct monitoring is required to assess its effectiveness. When you assign the task to an agency, it keeps a close watch on what is happening on the social media front. Necessary alterations can be planned after identifying areas of problem.

Why do business owners prefer professional media monitoring agencies?

Mediamonitoring is the buzzword today. Every business wants to know about the media coverage. The task of gathering and analyzing the information is difficult. Hence, people prefer professional media monitoring and analysis services. They effectively aggregate the information available at the social and conventional media platforms.

Since they use automated software modules to compile and analyze the information, the task becomes simple. Over and above it, human minds look at the information gathered by the automated system to validate it.

Benefits of hiring a seasoned Media Monitoring Agency

(i) You can do effective and comprehensive news monitoring. It is possible to monitor online media, social media, Television and print media using a single service provider. The service provider makes sure that you know the news that is critical for your business. You get instant alerts and news monitoring reports on the mail-id or mobile in an automated manner.

(ii) Facility to download radio and television clips unlimited. You can save it fast and view later as per the need. Good service providers offer permanent online storage space as well. It is possible to store and retrieve the information quickly and easily. No more worries of expired links for the content. You know about the latest media coverage and the storage link through automated alerts.

(iii) In-depth analysis is possible through customized reports offered by Media monitoring companies in Mumbai. You can generate reports and graphs that are self-explanatory about your media coverage effectiveness. You can export the data in MS Excel format or MS Word format.

(iv) You can analyze the media effectiveness. You know about what media coverage about you is attracting the maximum eyeballs? You also know about the placement and tone of the news elements. Smart search facilities take you to the desired news item.

(v) Blow the trumpet about your media coverage: You can use personalized media monitoring newsroom services to tell others important media coverage about the business. It is the best and fastest way of keeping others updated.

(vi) Cloud for better accessibility becomes pivotal today. It is possible to search the programs almost instantaneously using new-age cloud technology.

(iv) When you hire the task to Media monitoring agencies in Mumbai, support is not an issue at all. You have the team of professionals always available at your disposal. You can ask questions, raise concerns or clarify doubts. Other than online support, you have an offline medium like email as well.

Hiring an efficient media marketing agency gives you accurate pulse of the market

Good Media Monitoring Agency puts a close watch on every comment and feedback. At the same time, it also finds new ways of educating your team about the importance of listening to what others say. When users, clients, customers and channel partners say something about your brand, it is based on personal experience and perception. It is valuable, genuine and critically important. Listening and engaging with the audience gives a firm grip over the market. It helps in products and services that appeal to the audience and not to you.

If you want to make the best use of media monitoring, then there are a few considerations:

(i) It is important that you don’t ignore a single comment or feedback about your brand. The entire spectrum of channels should be covered.

(ii) You should have the ability to guess the market segment.

(iii) You should be able to correlate multiple mentioning of the brands so that you visualize the trends accurately.

(iv) Words that frequently appear in the comments, feedback, reviews or remarks should be identified accurately. These words give a broad idea about the market sentiments. When you hire an expert agency, it does the task for you.

Media monitoring analyse the trends pretty fast

Understanding social media monitoring enables your team to read the pulse of the market right. It gives you an insight into the right trends and keywords to focus. When you know where the excitement lies, it is possible to design strategies that give fast turnaround time and yield. It tells where your target audience is? What it is looking for and how can you be the most exciting brand for them?

When you build an effective marketing strategy around the findings of media monitoring, the impact is enthusiastic and overwhelming. Hire proficient media monitoring companies and grab the market share fast.

Hire a seasoned agency for effective media monitoring

Regardless of the fact that you look for print media monitoring or social media, Television or any other broadcast media monitoring; hire the best agency that is rich in experience. The agency should work in a strategic manner. When the activities are based on research of the Indian media landscape, you get the correct insight of consumers.

Do not get lured by cheap media monitoring companies in India. The services offered by them are inexpensive, but the effectiveness is also not up to the mark.

Hire expert press clipping services to sense your Internet presence

People say that it is difficult to measure public relations and their effectiveness. However, there is a time-tested, efficient way of doing it. When you outsource the task of broadcast media monitoring to the professionals, they study news stories related to the topic being promoted by you. They rate the clippings based on the effectiveness and calculate how good or bad a campaign is? It is needless to say that it was quite a tricky job in the past because there were no perfect methods available. Tracking each and every clipping was cumbersome. There was not a single service that claimed about 100 percent perfection of catching all stories.

Things have changed with the invention of the technology

Yes, the world has changed a lot, and it is changing further faster. Advancement in the search engine technology makes impossible for a single article to remain invisible in the virtual world. Media monitoring companies use automated tools to eliminate the chance of human error or oversight. You achieve accurate and timely analysis. It means the Internet has made the things fast, economical and accurate. You can rely on the results and alter the marketing strategy accordingly.

All agencies are not similar

The best press clipping services should be chosen with care because all service providers are not alike. Some are specialists in the niche whereas for some; it is the side business. Some offer all varieties of services and do not possess expertise on any of the field. Some are old-fashioned and traditional; some use the best of the best methods. It is the reason; you should be careful during the selection process.

No lunch is free!

You assign the task of monitoring the effectiveness of newspaper clipping to a service provider that claims “incredible results, absolutely free of cost”. However, you find it extremely disappointing. So- called free services are not up to the mark and accurate.
Remember, paid services are always better and effective. They dig deep and wide, and bring the perfect results by following correct search criteria. A multi-faceted algorithm is used by them to ensure accurate results.
They know that there are some restricted searches or paid subscriptions where searching is not possible. The world of Internet is ever changing, and it forces a monitoring company to follow the best techniques. It should look for the new sites and potential content. Good news clipping monitoring service should search for updates continuously.

You must know this for effective television marketing

Television marketing is indeed one of the best ways of promoting your brand. However, it is utmost important that you achieve high profitability because it is quite expensive. Not only planning and execution are important, but perfect timing is also equally important. Also, you should monitor the campaign using professional Media Monitoring Agency against specific KPIs and goals. There are a few core principles that are applicable to every campaign, big or small.

(i) Target the right market at the right time: When you plan for television marketing, think globally. The whole country is the marketplace, and naturally, you can’t go effectively everywhere. Therefore, mark the target audience and market the product. As per experts, the best strategy is to start from a territory where average revenue per user is high. In case you do not have an identified territory, make it global for a particular period.

(ii) Use the right channel: there has been a total paradigm shift in television marketing with the introduction of cable TV network and DTH. Now you have a series of channels to choose from. Hence, it becomes all the more important to pick the right channel. You have an option of promoting it on all channels, but it is an expensive option. Hire one of the best Media monitoring agencies in Mumbai to analyze the type of audience, channel penetration and popularity. You must get the maximum profitability. If the product is local, then pick the channels with the largest reach.

(iii) Use the right time slot: Prime time is always the most sought slot, but it is not available always. Also, the rates are exorbitantly high. Hence, you should keep a balance between the prime time and the next most viewed time slot. Typically, the ratio of 80-20 is ideal where 20 percent on-air time should be in the prime time and 80 percent in the subsequent popular time slots. It gives the perfect balance of cost-effect. Seasoned Media monitoring companies in Mumbai can do the research for you.

A planned television monitoring brings good results. You know the effectiveness of the campaign and understand the pulse of the market. Media monitoring India becomes widespread with the increasing reach of television channels. The TV content has to be licensed and covered by copyright and trademark laws. Get the advertisement reviewed and approved by concerned authorities so that there are no hassles of consumer complaints.

Best News Agency in Mumbai

Media Tracking of India is one of the best platforms that provide first hand news with quality and accuracy. Now a days, news is a very crucial aspect, be it TV, online or in Print format. Many business decisions and life decisions rely on the news that people come across in their day to day life. News related to health, business organisations, news about natural calamities or climatic changes, news about general issues politics or any social cause, all of these can affect the life of its viewers in many ways.

Thus it is very vital that any news that goes to the audiences through news clippings is genuine and trustworthy. Any news known as a reliable one if it consists of reality , news is put live well on time, news that manipulates the mind of their audience can lead to a lot of hassle. Media Tracking of India, one of the best media monitoring agencies in Mumbai, provides editorial outsourcing, media monitoring services, News video’s and News photo’s requirements.

They have a team of experts working on each news that is put across through various news channels and websites. They provide a wide range of top news with various stories starting with entertainment, lifestyle, politics, technology and many more. They provide news coverage with focus on flexibility. News stories based on Finance, business, elections, sports, travel and lifestyle and other such exclusive and basic news have been provided by MTI, one of the best Media Monitoring Agency

Exceptional Media Tracking Services!

The industry of media is very vast and is growing more and more each day. There are so many advanced mediums of mass media like print media, television, the internet – social media and the industry is blooming more because of the technological advancements and upgradation of mass media due to internet facilities. But the most important thing required for success is timing and perfection, without which things wouldn't fall in its exact place like they should. The intention of starting with the concept of media monitoring was to keep the track of all activities that take place in every medium. Research before the medium has been initiated, its on going process tracking and also the results that can be generated through each medium is useful in tracking various mediums. This practice of media tracking provides valuable insights of each and every medium.

There are many agencies that focus on tracking the activities of various mediums. Media Tracking of India is among those media monitoring service that offer the most premium and reliable media monitoring. Such agencies offer media monitoring services along with news monitoring, television monitoring, media clipping etc with help of experienced and well trained professionals. Multimedia monitoring services for print, television and social media is also offered by them, with assurance of appropriate and satisfactory results. To manage and handle reputation of companies, MTI offers reputation management services as well. They also aim at tracking and monitoring latest news with round the clock management and tracking services. This has been possible so far just because of the advanced technology and the boost it gives to the process of media tracking. They also keep an eye on the competitors and make sure they provide better and fruitful results as compared to them and also keep themselves updated with latest news and updates. Media Tracking of India is ahead of all its competitors due to their excellent performance and high quality services.

They aim at providing exceptional services in all the fields including television monitoring, print media tracking services, advertisement tracking, social media monitoring, tender tracking, translation services, video shooting and photography services as well. MTI has been known to be the best among all the media monitoring companies in Mumbai and is expected to be the best in the coming years. MTI has set a benchmark in the field of media tracking and and aims at reaching higher and higher goals with their excellence and perfection.

Why is there need for tracking the Print Media?

Print Media is one major form of media that society needs to stay informed society needs print media to stay informed. It is that medium that promotes literacy especially Newspapers and Magazines. In places where literacy is a question, there is need of print media in readily available form, one added benefit to reach to its audience. Print Media is a very good way of serving information about consumer trends, government policies, its value systems and many more such information. News both at local and national level help people to stay updated with the current updates with the help of print mediums.

Print media plays a major role in the field of entertainment in the form of puzzles, games, quizzes, celebrity news, cinema updates and many more. It informs us about various performances, live theatre, comedy, film, music, sports and so on. People from various communities rely on the print media especially people from the rural regions. These mediums help in bringing many communities together at times of crisis. At times of natural disaster, political turmoil, community differences, print media makes it a point to not only spread awareness but also create positivity in the eyes of the readers by providing strong influence. It provides information of health and beauty related issues also. It spreads awareness about various epidemic diseases, its precautionary measures causes, symptoms and so on.

Many Prints Advertisements are placed in hundreds and thousands of Daily Newspapers, Magazines, Periodicals and Regional Newspapers all over India. These advertisements need tracking on a regular basis so as to attain valuable and accurate information about the Ads. Advertisements in all forms of mediums need to be tracked on how it is working, its reach, its success and how impactful the message has been to its audiences. Many Tracking agencies pull back the hassle with help Print Media monitoring, considering when, where and how there is need of controlling and analysis. Media Tracking of India is among those Media monitoring companies in Mumbai that assist in tracking news and help in the decision making process about that particular news. They provide monitoring services that can provide the clients with updated editorial content and a plethora of news. They offer customized tracking services that are offered based on states, cities or localities and are known to be the best among all media monitoring agencies in Mumbai.

Track your Social Media Activities with us!

The advancement of technology has proved to be very impressive. The impact of social media on our lives has been enormous. The places we visit, the food we eat, our relationships, our business details, anything and everything has been displayed on the social media networks.

The Effect on Communication and Connection through social media has been unbelievable. The social media sites, such as Facebook and Google+ have helped people find one another and reconnect, even after being apart for years. It has become easier to see what is happening in the lives of friends and family, and to meet new people who have similar interests and thoughts to yours. The youth is influenced by the happenings around and have been adapting to change quicker than any other generation. They have more technological know-how than many of older generations as well. But has the impact of social media been bad or good so far? There have been many accounts that have been hacked and personal information and pictures have been misused. Media Monitoring services like Media Tracking of India have looked after many misleading information and thoughts have also been conveyed through these mediums. Political Campaigning on Social Media sites have also altered the minds of the population. These activities need to be caught hold of before it is too late. Many Media monitoring agencies in Mumbai have looked after the matter and have appointed experts to track activities of online portals.

Managing and monitoring of your online reputation is vital. With help of Media Tracking of India, online media and social media monitoring services has become easy. We have a team of experts working on softwares for monitoring different portals, different online editions of almost all leading newspapers, editorials and cover almost all major social media sources like Google+, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook etc. Media Tracking of India is among a Media Monitoring company that will ensure your security and safety on Social Media. We handles blogs, reviews, social networking sites, news etc. Media tracking of India offers a safe and secured way of online services.

Tracking your Television Broadcast made easy!

Television Monitoring is very important to track television news, advertisements and information on both regional and national level. Television is that form of media which is still a tough competitor to the growing social media. It is equally important to track the activities of everything that is displayed on television as that can alter the mindsets of its viewers.

In this era, where information is over exploded, where media sources are overflowing, it is nearly risky to display news that is offensive, information that is misleading as it can affect its millions of viewers. It is Important to reach the right audience at the right time with the right information. Monitoring what is displayed on Television is vital. With growing technological developments television and its tracking systems have also advanced. Media Tracking of India is that agency that tracks down all the news that has been updated, all the advertisements that have been displayed and all the information that has been passed out.

It is necessary for any business to identify business opportunities and understand the exact requirements of its clients. Brand Management and analysis of clients market situation along with Industry & demand trends monitoring is also an important task that we fulfil. Media Tracking of India benefits businesses by tracking their broadcast media coverage. It is an extremely accurate and secure television monitoring service.

Press Release – Finest Way of Promotion

A great press release is not something that prompts a journalist to write an article; rather, a great press release is published as an article.Each press release publicizes important or useful information about your company or an upcoming event or one that has occurred. Due to so many promotional activities that have taken place on a large scale, it is not very easy to grab the attention of people. Different kinds of newspapers consist of various news and articles and there is so much content in the newspaper that it becomes really difficult to find the news which is the mostsignificant to you. There are so many Press releasetrackingcompanies but what we really need is the best out of rest which people often find it difficult to find.

With Media Tracking of India - MTI you can get the best because they provide finest press clipping services and provide press monitoring.Our print media tracking services offers the News-Clippings from many Periodicals, Magazines, Daily Newspapers and Regional newspapers across India. MTI is basically a media monitoring agency which delivers its patrons several services like news monitoring services, media clipping services and press release monitoring,broadcasting among many others.MTI press release monitoring service not only emphases on the corporate sector but also on the political parties, educational institutes, legal issues,election campaigns, political stories, etc.

MTI offers you withIndian press clearing and moreover our expertise is to offerdata from numerous publications. Examining across all media types, we amalgamate and bring to you the content that is desired by our clients in the context of their objectives.

Media Monitoring – Importance and Benefits

Media checking is the methodology of perusing, viewing or listening to the editorial content of media sources on a continuing basis, and then recognizing, saving and analyzing content that contains particular keywords or points.

Most organizations, government offices, non-profit organizations and folks such as authors and celebrities use media monitoring as a tool to recognize notices of their association, its brands and officials in news media. With the expanded attention on return on investment for corporate connections, a powerful media monitoring administration is vital as both a media intelligence service and to exhibit the accomplishments of the association’s advertising, public relations and social media programs.

For many small and moderate size organizations, news search engines such as Google News or Yahoo News offer adequate scope and features. For online word-of-mouth and social media monitoring, the free blog search engines may give coverage and search characteristics.

Apart from all the information and growth of media monitoring, there are some benefits of media monitoring.

Craft better pitches. It’s vital to be on top of what news reporters are discussing in your industry with the goal that you can create pitches that give themselves to new trend.

Build up influence. Monitoring the most recent news can help you recognize new journalists to add to your media list.

Reply to new stories. When you are aware of the newest stories, you have the best chance to react to the articles in the press, by either written comments on the article online and submitting a letter-to-the-editor.

All media content is naturally sorted by significance: the most powerful media channels appear.

All the Negative and Positive media reports can be highlighted with the help of media monitoring.

Accessibility of all influential media, including TV and blogs is possible with media monitoring. Far reaching scope of industry, regional and outside sources can be easily monitored by media monitoring.

Media Tracking of India (MTI) is one such media monitoring service that offers premium media monitoring. With the help of experienced media professionals, this media monitoring agency offers media monitoring services, television monitoring services in Mumbai and media monitoring services in Mumbai. We focus on providing all in one cost effective solutions for the extensive range of media monitoring needs. All you need is a fast, comprehensive and reliable service.

How does Advertisement Tracking help?

From a business’s point of view it is very vital to promote its product and services in the market to gain the much needed response and goodwill. This is possible with the help of quality advertising an effective advertising. The performance of the product and services in the market depends upon its brand power and advertising awareness. This is where Advertisement tracking helps you to research about the performance of your product.

Advertising is a key component of all media whether print or television. Commercial following otherwise called post-testing or promotion adequacy following, is in-statistical surveying that screens a brand's execution including brand and promoting mindfulness, item trial and utilization, and mentality about the brand versus their rival. The reason for notice following is by and large to give a measure of the consolidated impact of the media weight or using level, the viability of the media purchase or focusing on, and the nature of the publicizing executions or inventive. Sponsors utilize the aftereffects of promotion following to gauge the rate of profitability (ROI) of promoting, and to refine publicizing arrangements.

Media Tracking of India is a well-known broadcast, news monitoring, media intelligence and social media specialist platform that focus on providing all in one cost effective solutions for the extensive range of media monitoring needs. Media Tracking of India owns an efficient advertising tracking tool that offers you the details of which ad appeared in which medium and how many times. It is one of the best media monitoring agencies in Mumbai. Media Tracking of India also offers news monitoring services in India as well.

All about Media Monitoring

Nowadays business takes every possible step and efforts in all aspects whether it’s about a huge amount of money or the resources required to promote their products and services. They do what’s best for business and plan each and every step to ensure that their products and services create a goodwill and reputation in the market. But due to an increase in the competition it becomes difficult to look after the progress in the promotion department. This is where the media monitoring comes in.

Media Monitoring is the movement of checking the yield of the print, online and telecast media. It can be led for a mixture of reasons including political, business and exploratory etc. The administrations that media observing organizations give normally incorporate the precise recording of radio and TV shows, the accumulation of press clippings from print media distributions and gathering of information from online data sources. While checking social networking it can be advantageous for an organization to react to however many posts as could reasonably be expected.

Numerous organizations and big names use media checking as an issue to recognize notice of their associations, their brands and officials in the news media. The news checking industry gives government offices, partnerships, advertising experts and different associations’ access to new data made by the media.

Despite the fact that media checking is by and large utilized for catching substance or publication supposition, it likewise may be utilized to catch publicizing substance. While this innovation has permitted the majority of the procedure to be mechanized, numerous media checking orgs still offer the administrations of prepared experts to audit and accept results.

Media Tracking of India is one of the best media monitoring agencies in India which delivers their clients effective and desired results. It also offers news clipping services in Mumbai and press monitoring services in Mumbai to provide best of all the services to their clients. Media tracking of India excels in providing comprehensive and reliable information keeping in mind the company’s reputation and brand name in the market. Monitoring news on social media is a vibrant function to identify other mentions in the media about the organization, manage corporateand brand reputation and stay current in the industry and other purposes. This is all possible and managed effectively yet efficiently at Media Tracking of India.

Media Tracking of India– The Best in the Business

Want to know how your brand is performing in the media??? Well now the solution is quite simple, you just have to contact Media Tracking of India. When too much money is involved in promotions it becomes important to track down the results and when it comes to media tracking then MTI is the best in the business. Media Tracking of India (MTI) is India’s prominent media monitoring company in India, which includes Print, Television, Online and Social media. MTI’s media intelligence services endeavor to provide you with the best and versatile monitoring services. MTI brings the latest and relevant news as per the client’s brief, at the client’s fingertips on time.

In English speaking countries, the service of media monitoring, collation & dissemination is fairly simple and most organizations which use Public Relations also use media monitoring. However, in multi-language & multi-dialect countries like India the challenge of collating data locally and disseminating in a translated language of business (usually English and Hindi) is a daunting task. The situation in other multi-language countries is no different.

The second large challenge for Information Logistics is the growing number of media and the media types. For example, in a country like India there are over 50,000 registered print publications, 250+ TV channels, a growing number of relevant internet sites and several hundred new blogs that need to be captured every day. Several of these need to be translated for a 'heads-up' and analysis needs to be constant and real-time.

Media Tracking of India overcomes all these challenges and gives their client’s the best of their capabilities. So next time you wonder about the best Media monitoring agency contact Media Tracking of India.

Print Media Tracking Services

With the increase in the number of publications emerging day by day it becomes very important to track the news daily. Various newspapers consists of various news and in so much chaos it becomes difficult to find the news which is relevant to you. There are many companies that provide press monitoring companies in Mumbai but for getting the fruitful results it is important to contact the best one and talking about the best there is no other better agency than Media Tracking of India.

MTI’s print media tracking services provides the news clipping from hundreds of daily newspapers, periodicals, magazines and regional newspapers across India. They customize their tracking systems as per the client’s requirement which provide them valuable, accurate and specified categorical information. MTI have a complete line-up of diverse types of print media that cover tracking, thus ensuring comprehensive coverage clippings ranging from Newspapers, Newsletters, Periodicals, and Magazines.

MTI uses high quality print media tracking tools which will enable their clients in taking good decisions in the business. MTI ensures to provide your money’s worth not only by ensuring customer satisfaction but by offering all the information that requires their attention in a timely manner. So for the best newspaper clipping service in India contact Media Tracking of India.

MTI – The Best media tracking solution

When you spend your hard earned money on the various forms of promotions than the least you can expect is the better result. But in the long run and competitive business environment it becomes difficult to find out the exact position of your brand in the market. In this case the media monitoring agencies provide the best solution of tracking the news for their clients which will eventually help them to know their position in the market.

News plays a major and important role that has a demand for perfection and accuracy. With a wide range of mediums like print, television, advertisements and internet, Media tracking of India offers precise news tracking and monitoring from the humongous array of information. Media tracking of India provide their client with various media tracking services which include television monitoring services, print media tracking, social media monitoring, advertisement tracking, tender tracking, translation service and many more. Media tracking of India is the lucrative aspect of Mumbai region that offers solutions to all kinds of news requirements at reasonable rates.

Being one of the best Media monitoring companies in India MTI knows exactly what the client’s requirements are and therefore they work towards achieving that particular goal. Media tracking of India excels in providing comprehensive and reliable information keeping in mind your company’s reputation and brand name in the market. From the large number of channels to various linguistic new papers and editorials, MTI grabs all they can to make it accessible to you. MTI’s mission is to track and provide prompt and accurate information concerning you, on your finger tips from all forms of media.

Television Monitoring – An important aspect of media monitoring

Television has gained a lot of momentum in the recent years and thus advertisers and the businessman try really hard to get their products seen in the small screen. Advertising on television has become a huge advertising strategy. The number of people connected through the television is huge and therefore the product or the service can be reached out to a larger audience. The advertisers can select the right channels to reach to the right audience.

Television is one of the most sought after foundations of media. It has a lot of public impact and coverage. When it comes to television there are a lot of mediums that offer information and in that information it becomes difficult to distinguish the right information required by you. And to overcome this it becomes necessary to hire someone for television monitoring.

Media Tracking of India is one of the best television news monitoring companies in Mumbai. What could be more compelling to track round the clock television news, advertisements and regional/national information? Media Tracking of India is reputed television monitoring agency that handles over hundred channels in numerous languages. The various media monitoring services that media tracking of India offers include identifying business opportunities, gaining customer insights, identify competitor’s innovations, brand management and analysis of its market, industry and demand trends monitoring, public relations monitoring, availing the extra leverage than your competitors, track on scheduled broadcast of the commercials according to the contract and tracking the news clips of your interest and transmitting through mobile, desktop or requested means.

So for the best media monitoring companies in Mumbai contact Media Tracking of India.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media has become an important part of the promotion strategy which is adopted by all the business organization these days. Since the target audience is very specific while promotion the product on social media it becomes easy medium of communication. But it becomes important that the activities on social media are monitored time to time to make the most of the social media marketing. 

Social media monitoring is an active monitoring of social media channels for information about a company or organization, usually tracking of various social media content such as blogs, wikis, news sites, micro-blogs such as Twitter, social networking sites like Facebook and many more. Social media monitoring allows users to find insights into a brand's overall visibility on social media, measure the impact of campaigns, identify opportunities for engagement, assess competitor activity and share of voice, and be alerted to impending crises. It can also provide valuable information about emerging trends and what consumers and clients think about specific topics, brands or products.

When an organization wants to maintain the offline reputation, it becomes important that the online reputation is good. In today’s date whenever people want to know about a particular brand or a particular product people will check for it online and if the review about it is good then it helps in a huge way to build brand image.

Media Tracking of India is one of the best media monitoring agencies in India which provide online media and social media monitoring services. Media tracking of India implements dynamic tools to keep a track of the social mediums used by the customers. So for the best media monitoring services in Mumbai contact Media Tracking of India.

How does media monitoring help?

In today’s date businesses spend lakhs and crores of rupees for the promotion of their product or services. They take every possible step to ensure that their products get noticed which can help them in building up their sales and goodwill. But due to increase in the competition it becomes difficult to look after the progress in the promotion department. This is where the media monitoring helps the businesses. 

Media monitoring is a process of reading, watching or listening to the editorial content of the media sources on a continuous basis, and then, identifying, saving and analyzing the content that contains specific keywords or topics. Many companies and celebrities utilize media monitoring as a tool to identify mentions of their organisations their brands and executives in the news media. The news monitoring industry provides government agencies, corporations, public relations professionals, and other organizations access to news information created by the media. Generally monitoring print, broadcast, and internet content for any mention of specific subjects of interest, a news monitoring company will analyze and provide feedback to their client in the form of press clippings, monitoring reports, and media analysis.

From a cut & clip service, media clipping today has expanded to incorporate technology with information. Media monitoring clients can now opt to include print, broadcast and online to capture all their media exposure. While this technology has allowed some of the process to be automated, many media monitoring agencies still offer the services of trained professionals to review and validate results.

Media tracking of India is one of the best media monitoring agencies in India which serves their clients to the best of their ability. From print media monitoring to television news monitoring they provide best of all the services to their clients. With a wide range of outlets like print, media, advertisement and internet, Media tracking of India offers precise news from the huge array of information. Media tracking of India excels in providing comprehensive and reliable information keeping in mind the company’s reputation and brand name in the market.

Monitoring news on social media and other platforms is a vital function to track news release placements, identify other mentions in the media about the organisation, manage corporate and brand reputation, monitor competition, stay current in the industry and other purposes. This all is manageable at Media Tracking of India.

Press release- an important tool of promotion

With the increase in number of promotion strategies coming up, it becomes difficult to grab attention of the consumers. One of the oldest and effective ways of promotion is distributing press releases. A press release is a public relations tool, which is especially beneficial for a startup or growing small business. Each press release publicizes important or useful information about an upcoming event or one that has occurred. While a grand opening, special event or new product launch are all good reasons for issuing a release, press releases also alert the public to product recalls while providing important consumer information and working to mitigate an internal crisis. Press releases have changed a lot over the years, especially since businesses have realized the importance of online marketing. Publishing more press releases more often is a good way to improve your brand's image.

But due to increase in number of press releases the publication houses receive in a day it becomes difficult to ensure that your press release will feature or not. Here Media Tracking of India (MTI) can help you. MTI is a media monitoring agency which provides its clients various services which includes media clipping services, news monitoring services and press release dissemination among many others. MTI press release dissemination service focuses on the corporate sector as well as political parties, election campaigns, political stories, educational institutes, legal issues, entertainment industry, etc. MTI can distribute the press releases to the editors, beat reporters, key influencers, bloggers and journalists of various media outlets and reputed organizations.

Does your advertisement fulfill your requirement?

In today’s material world consumers are bombarded with all kind of advertisements. Nowadays companies adopt so many different ways to promote their products and services, ranging from television commercials to simple flyers that consumers cannot escape it. If, for example, you watch a football match on television, you will see the logos of the tournament sponsors. Likewise, if you watch the latest blockbuster movie, very probably you will see a product placed in the film by some advertising agency.

But the question that arises is, to what extent these advertisements influence the consumer to purchase its product? Do the hardwork and money spent lead to increase in sales?

Here MTI which is one of the best media monitoring agencies in India comes to the rescue of the advertisers. MTI is a media monitoring company which renders the service of advertisement tracking as well as press monitoring services to the advertisers. MTI owns an efficient advertisement tracking tools that offers you the details of which ad appeared in which medium and how many times. MTI firstly performs the three basic and vital tasks of tracking namely advertising pretesting, strategy research and advertisement tracking. This information is crucial to determine future campaigns. Without weighing the pros & cons, it is not possible to sustain a high value ad campaign in today’s age. Advertisement tracking service gives the advertisers an edge to support their decision making process.

Media tracking of india introduces cost effective translation services

With quality in mind and accuracy in words, MTI meets versatile translation needs

Mumbai, India – April 03, 2014 –Media Tracking of India, India’s leading media monitoring services in print, broadcast and online offer professional translation service to enhance the communication between the huge customer base in media.

The translation services are provided to thousands of firms for various translation requirements like, marketing agencies translation needs, press releases, company profiles, medical translation, news clips translation, website translation, broadcast translation and more in all major languages across the country. The fruitful reputation of Media Tracking of India is the long-standing assurance towards quality, turnaround time release and the effective pricing they offer.

Riyaz Ahmed, the Group Head mentioned that, we own a team of expert linguistics who has the capability to deliver certified translation services. We aim to bridge the gap between our clients and their customers both in print, media and online.

Both online and offline translation services is an essential element for enhancing an organizations presence among their prodigious customers. Press releases, news and content in multiple languages can upsurge international existence and benefit the firm in attainment of a step ahead in the emerging markets.

To benefit from an economical priced and accurate translation services, small or large scale organizations, PR firms, websites, broadcast agencies, news agencies, marketing agencies etc. are urged to reach Media Tracking of India

The benefits of media monitoring

The media industry is vast and is only growing bigger by the day. With variations like television and print among other advanced mediums, the media industry is blooming now more than ever. What is required for success in this field is perfection and timing besides one other thing without which overall progress won't take place. The concept of media monitoring was introduced with the intention of providing valuable insights and has become a very important part of the media industry as it holds many benefits.

Media Tracking of India (MTI) is one such media monitoring service that offers premium media monitoring. With the help of experienced media professionals, this media monitoring agency offers media monitoring services, news monitoring services, television monitoring services and media clipping services among others. They offer multimedia monitoring services for television, print and social media. Reputation management service by MTI is also a commendable service that handles and maintains the reputation of companies. With round-the-clock tracking and monitoring expect latest news from the media industry in time always. Advanced cutting edge technology gives a boost to this process of tracking and monitoring. By keeping a close track on the competitors along with important happenings, a company is bound to receive benefits by staying well updated and use this to their advantage for staying ahead of the rest.

All over the newspapers

The introduction of television and radio didn't cause any harm to the print industry. The print industry is still blooming with so many newspapers and magazines. Newspapers in particular are flooded with news articles and advertisements every day. Print media tracking is a concept that fast growing and much required in such a competitive environment. It's a service that keeps track of news clippings and advertisement clippings from newspapers. Media Tracking of India (MTI) offers you optimal services for print media tracking with customized and keyword specific tracking.

This service is designed to provide the most accurate and precise information to clients. They also specialize in providing categorical information. The output of our services could help your decision making process. This high quality service gives you updated editorial content and all the news according to your specifications. We have a special service that allows force search to mention all relevant information within the last 24 hours. Your business can gain a large amount of statistics, details, photographs and news articles which could concern size, publication, content, analysis and a lot more. With a service like this you can stay ahead of competitors by staying updated on the latest trends and happenings.