About Us

News plays a vital and erudite role that has a demand for perfection and accuracy. With a wide range of mediums like Print, Television, Advertisements and internet, Media tracking of India offers precise news tracking and monitoring from the humongous array of information.

Media tracking of India is a well known broadcast, news monitoring, media intelligence and social media specialist platform that focus on providing all in one cost effective solutions for the extensive range of media monitoring needs. All you need is a fast, comprehensive and reliable service? You are on the right page.

Why MTI?

  • We take pride in our work. We pride ourselves for our outstretched sources, privacy focused, precision and work efficiency in our services to the customers.
  • Media tracking of India excels in providing comprehensive and reliable information keeping in mind your company‚Äôs reputation and brand name in the market.
  • From the large number of channels to various linguistic new papers and editorials, we grab all we can to make it accessible to you.
  • We retrieve, record, transcribe, translate and deliver what you need. Precision is what we hold as the zenith virtue.
  • At MTI, we follow and track your reputation with highest esteem.
  • Timely updates and most importantly ease and accessible format of information of your preference is what we offer.
  • The advertising professionals, researchers and PR agencies are provided with creative and precise media coverage that acts as a crucial module in their business approaches.

What makes Us Unique?

At MTI, we make promises to keep them. We enable our Clients to monitor their reputation in various media forms, television online and print media. In print, we track the various dailies, magazines and periodicals to provide you with what you need. We make this valuable information accessible on time consequently enhancing your business strategies. We create happy customers with a healthy business.

Our Versatile Services Include:

  • Worldwide Real time news alerts.
  • Summaries of Coverage’s.
  • Comparative Analyses.
  • Executive PR Evaluations.
  • Customized deliveries.
  • Corporate or Business News
  • Educational news.
  • Political issues.
  • Election campaigns
  • General News like fashion/ lifestyle, entertainment etc.
  • Legal information.
  • Entertainment industry news.
  • News related to anysector.
  • Sports and many more.

By monitoring and tracking the media coverage, we will help to evaluate your effectiveness by contributing quality content to your customers. We support to capitalize on these pivotal and industry-changing moments when your customized media marketing is automated with intelligent. The ability to respond quickly contributes towards a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Social media and networking are in great demand. We cannot and no more ignore this space. Media Tracking of India has a niche expertise to offer services more presentable way. Thoughwe are located in the hub of Mumbai, we have outstretched our services to various firms around India.

Our Culture:

We are guided by our core values. MTI's culture is based on the belief in our employees and potential they possess. We are a prodigious firm built by the spirit of entrepreneurial ship, passion and hard work. The personality and passion can be witnessed in the work we do. Our values are our culture.

Our Belief:

We say what we believe in. The vital founding pillars of our institution are and will always be Quality, Honesty and Customer delight.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to track and provide prompt and accurate information concerning you, on your finger tips from all forms of media.