Social Media Monitoring in India

Social Media Monitoring India

Social Media Monitoring And Online Media

Need a good offline reputation? Managing and monitoring of your online reputation is vital. Media Tracking of India (MTI) provides online media and social media monitoring services. We are expert in monitoring different portals, different online editions of almost all leading newspapers, editorials and cover almost all major social media sources like Google+, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook etc.

“Your repute is our most treasured asset!”

Today with the proliferation of the internet and social media, brand reputation has a prodigious impact by the online medium. Unsatisfied or happy customers write about their experiences through the numerous platforms. They blog, tweet, link, share, rate and what not!

It just takes few seconds for the news to become viral. What matters is the type of impact it has on your brand. Online media monitoring is an effective and cost-efficient way to monitor news for business expansion or crisis management.

Our plethora of social media monitoring services is:

  • Media Tracking of India handles blogs, reviews, forums, social networking sites, news etc. Not just opinions, our tools extract sentiment and also perform text analysis.
  • Analysis of the demographic profiles of the audience
  • Managing of the social profiles and enabling better social marketing engagement leading to your brand’s extensions.
  • Monitoring and optimizing your social media campaigns through real time insights.
  • A detailed analysis of the customers engagement and behavior on the social media
  • Developing social content strategy’s to promote products, services and their engagement.
  • Monitoring consumer recommendations and implementing them as a form of direct advertising.

To succeed in today’s connected & competition world build a community around your company, your brands, and your products. From almost last decade, social media or online media monitoring has become a primary & important form of business intelligence.

How we handle the consumer’s behavior?

Step3: We LISTEN
Step3: We INFORM 

Listening to what your customers says, tracking your competitors, informing about your critics and supporters helps in achieving virtuous results from your social media campaigns. We have created tools to smoothen the process of monitoring variety of social media channels like blogging, Internet video and Internet forums. It is pretty easy to track your consumer’s interests and opinions on your brand through these tools.

“Do you know that India has more than 200 Million Internet users most of them are socially active online? So we follow, what your competitor and consumer thinks about your products“ 

With social or online media monitoring, whatever is the business size you can know what customers & your competitor thinks about your products. Your customers will use different medium available online and Media tracking of India implements dynamic tools to keep track of them. For firms like small or medium businesses, which is having a decent marketing budget, can also truly invest in a tool that will give a fantastic results.

Social media today is the prominent means of relationship between the consumers and companies that they are buying from. With Media tracking of India’s online media and social media monitoring services, your brand will be on top of online conversation not just constrained to your brand’s reviews but by whom, where, when, how. We are the foundation for better marketing insights and deeper customer perceptions.