Advertisement Tracking

Advertisement Tracking:

Advertising is a key component of all media whether print or television. The insight to refine advertising plans, advertising monitoring and make strategic business decisions is extremely essential. Media tracking of India owns an efficient advertisement tracking tools that offers you the details of which ad appeared in which medium and how many times

"It is not just your advertisement that matters, tracking it to identify if it is fulfilling its job is also vital" 

Why advertisement tracking?

Advertisement tracking can even be helpful to determine the total ROI (return on investment) value of advertising per month. It even enables you to track competitors advertising campaigns and identify where they stand. The clips from our advertising clipping service can be used as proof of advertising an event or campaign. Our video clipping service is immaculate as we offer high definition videos.

"Remember! The money that leads your business comes from your advertising"

Seven reasons on how our advertisement tracking services are not just advantageous, they are versatile:
1. Advertisement timing ratio report of your competitors.
2. Trusted Daily Tracking reports with complete detail.
3. Need a telecast certificate? Need no dependency on the Media.
4. No need of heavy equipment's, Computer, Multiple cable connection and 24 hours staff.
5. Cost effective.
6. Need any commercial clipping? You are just a click away from MTI's advertising clipping service.
7. ASAP feeding through server or emails. 

We perform the vital three types of research for Advertisement tracking:

  • Advertising Pretesting helps to flag underperforming commercials and outstanding commercials.
  • Strategy Research focuses on how advertising works vary in brands and product categories. This helps to identify its consumers and how the brand works.
  • Advertising Tracking is the ultimate ‘acid test’ for identifying the status of the advertisement.

We are proud to be critics

Has the message conveyed by you, well received by the target audience? Media Tracking of India offers you to identify the same with our advertisement tracking services. We provide the opportunity to rectify any errors that may have been overlooked initially before much damage is done

Our expertise is an advantage in your decision-making

We have been rendering quality service in advertisement tracking for the past couple of years with a dedicated team who are keen on what you need. When a company launches an advertisement, campaign it is important that the top management must know the full value of the impact it creates. This information is crucial to determine future campaigns. Without weighing the pros-& cons, it is not possible to sustain a high value ad campaign in today's age. Advertisement tracking service enables our clients to get an edge to support their decision making process.

We focus on your goodwill

Our overall focus is to ensure that you gain best out of the price spent on your advertisement. We notify at the correct time so that your goodwill is maintained. Both time and money are valuable resources for any company, thus we provide swift services to our clients at an effective cost.

Our client's list is a stack of satisfaction and appreciations

Today our client list comprises of industry leaders and clients who are completely satisfied with our highly professional approach. We believe in offering a service that competes with "true value for money". At MTI, we are eager to prove the quality of our service offered at every step. This alone left us numerous satisfied clients. 

The return on investment concerning advertisements can only be determined by the frequency of the advertisements and scheduling of the commercials. Has your advertising agency has indeed done what you have asked for? Has the advertisement appeared on the right page, has it been positioned correctly? What was the size of the campaign carried on? Find the answers at Media tracking of India.