Television Monitoring

Television Monitoring

What could be more compelling to track round the clock television news, advertisements and regional/national information? Media tracking of India is reputed television monitoring agency that handles over hundred channels in numerous languages.


Television is one of the most sought after foundations of media. It has a lot of public impact and coverage. In this information explosive era, where the sources of media are overflowing, the task of tracking and storing the disseminated news of your interest from the television is of your concern.

"The right information at the right time becomes the right step and arising opportunity for a successful business"

The media plays a crucial role in steering the domain of influence, belief and public understanding on any aspect. Monitoring what the media reports is vital. We at media tracking of India, make sure you don’t miss the arising opportunities that can lead to enhancement of your firm. Being a leading television news monitoring services, we serve both small sized and mid-sized business in the country.


  • Latest technologies

The up to date technology hoards us the benefit to offer television news clipping services in any format, any time and on any media. We at MTI stay updated with the latest trends and use the latest software's for monitoring.

  • Professional monitoring experts

Our team of television news monitoring experts is highly qualified and professional. This helps us to take educated and immediate decisions about various monitoring aspects.

  • Understand your customer's perspective's about your brand

Wouldn't it be easy to decide and respond quickly if you are provided with real time information about When, where, how and what footage is aired? Of Course it will. The television broadcast media takes just few seconds to alter the brand image and reputation, thus affecting the customer's advocacy. Thus it is highly ought to track intelligently and immediately, the outputs of your brand from the broadcast. We monitor numerous channels globally helps to understand what your customers understand and how they see your brand.

  • Start of art equipment's

We have come in acquaintance with plethora of customers who are satisfied to receive timely media and video clips in the requested format. We also deliver news clips through digital links, hard copies and soft copies that are easily accessible and can be shared, viewed, downloaded and analyzed. Our state of art technology allows is to retrieve, records, translate, transcribes and offers reports of monitoring in various formats ranging from immediate uploads, CD, DVD, customized website or through FTP.


1) Identifying new business opportunities
2) Gaining customer insights
3) Identify competitor innovations
4) Brand Management and analysis of its market
5) Industry & demand trends monitoring
6) Public relations monitoring
7) Availing the extra leverage than your competitors
8) Track on scheduled broadcast of the commercials according to the contract.
9) Tracking the news clips of your interest and transmitting through mobile, desktop or other requested means. 

MTI benefits businesses and marketing professionals by tracking their broadcast media coverage and providing the information you request. Being a pioneer media monitoring agency, MTI is extremely secure, accurate and robust television monitoring service.